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Your benefit is our motivation

Established in 1944, RINGSPANN is a family-owned enterprise headquartered in Bad Homburg, Germany. We currently have 500 employees in 18 international companies. The primary goal of our actions is the successful further development of RINGSPANN. In doing so, we increase the benefit for our customers, employees, suppliers and the community.

Leading products & services

Innovative ideas have made RINGSPANN a leading manufacturer for

Power Transmission

Clamping Fixtures

Remote Control Systems

We offer our customers a comprehensive catalogue programme, which we are constantly developing. Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for our customers.

We develop customer-specific products in close cooperation with key customers. Our modularized assemblies help us to find solutions quickly and easily.

In our webshop you can find at any time prices and delivery times for our catalogue programme and order easily.

Product-related services are a matter of course for us; be it personal onsite service, product training courses, 3D models, online calculation programs or EDI.

Quality without compromise is our global motto for all products and processes.


Customer orientation

High consulting competency of our employees guarantees our customers optimal technical and economical

Industry expertise in key industries enables us to understand our customers and provide them with solutions.

Own companies in important markets allow us to be close to our customers. Thereby we ensure personal service onsite as well as speedy and reliable delivery.

High delivery reliability & short delivery times are absolutely essential for our customers. You can hold us to that, day in day out.

Short response times are our aim; so that you have an answer when you need it.

Continuous improvement

Process excellence in order processing – from enquiry to shipment – is our goal; so that our customers benefit from reliable and speedy processes.

High in-house manufacturing depth is the path we take; in doing so we keep major production steps in our own hands. Manufacturing plants in the most important regions of the world make flexible and customer-orientated production possible.

Resource efficiency in the use of material and energy helps to protect the environment and to keep costs under control.

Certification of our management system according to ISO 9001 and of our environmental performance according to ISO 14001 is our commitment to our communities.

Substantial investments in our employees, machines, plants, equipment and buildings secure the company’s future year by year.


Personnel development

RINGSPANN Academy: Continuous training is important to us. Therefore we hold regular training courses for customers and employees on products, applications and processes.

A high level of personal responsibilityand motivation is the goal of our staff development; so that everyone with us find professional fulfilment and contribute to the development of the company.


Modern IT systems are a must for us and that across the group. They enable us to help shape developments such as "Industry 4.0".

Linking up with customers & suppliers is our way of increasing efficiency in order processing for all involved.

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